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Music Lessons in North Richland Hills, TX

Take Music Lessons in a place you can also record and perform!


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Guitar Lessons
Learn to Play Guitar with Guitar Lessons in North Richland Hills, TX
Piano Lessons
Learn to Play Piano with Piano Lessons in North Richland Hills, TX
Voice Lessons
Learn to Sing with Voice Lessons in North Richland Hills, TX
Drum Lessons
Learn to Play Drums with Drum Lessons in North Richland Hills, TX

Platinum Music Complex NRH

Platinum Music Complex provides the absolute best music lessons in North Richland Hills, TX.   Book a free first lesson to see how lessons would go and see if it’s a good fit!

Platinum Music Complex offers the highest quality music and media instruction and worship leader training. It is a place for students to learn music as part of an exciting community. At Platinum, students can learn, have fun working together, and celebrate their musical accomplishments. Our multifaceted venue and musical approach makes us the best quality music lesson program in Texas!

Music Lessons

Looking for music lessons in North Richland Hills?  Look no further!

Our passion as music teachers is equipping students with the musical and creative tools they need to create music, media, and ministry.  We teach all styles and genres of music on every instrument. Our expert teachers provide lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced musicians. We offer lessons in guitar, piano, drums, voice, and bass. We’ve seen many students at Platinum Music Complex make remarkable progress over time to become fantastic musicians.

Bands and Videos

At Platinum Music Complex, we believe it’s important to create a community around music. Instead of simply learning through lessons, our students show and enjoy their skills in a variety of ways like songwriting, recording, music videos, and more!

We are here to help you achieve your musical goals, and do even more than you can imagine with music!

Recording Studio and Concert Hall

Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills is home to an incredible recording studio, as well as a 170 capacity concert hall music venue.  Students enjoy being connected to such a powerhouse musician network, with access to the amazing resources of Platinum Music Complex!

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