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Drum instructors at Platinum Music Complex are incredibly talented musicians with great experience and formal education. Whether you’re just starting off playing drums, or looking to really work up your chops with a pro, our drum teachers are ready for you and available for lessons in North Richland Hills.

If you find yourself wanting to hire a drum teacher to help you take you from air drumming to playing drums in a band, Platinum Music Complex offers the absolute best drum lesson experience! We can get you set up with everything you need to learn to play the drums, including helping you find a drum set that is perfect for you!

Beginner Drum Lessons

Our drum teachers create customized curriculums that they use during drum lessons for beginners. Your instructor can work with you to create a curriculum that fits your interests and goals. They’ll also work with you on playing songs and performing live.

If you sign up to learn drums as a beginner, here’s some of what you will learn:
Basic drum beats | Rudiments and fills | Playing full songs

Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lessons

Students can go from no previous experience playing drums to playing full songs easily in a very short time period. When students practice regularly, they set themselves up to really fly through the basics and progress to more advanced drum classes. Our teachers are able to teach formal drum line, as well as practical drumming – such as playing songs with bands.

When a student is able to comfortably play drums through entire songs, they can start performing at concerts, recording audio and video, and even join a band! Playing along with other musicians is a very important part of growing as a musician, and the teachers at Platinum encourage building bands and making original music.

Recording Studio and Concert Hall

Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills is home to an incredible recording studio, as well as a 170 capacity concert hall music venue.  Students enjoy being connected to such a powerhouse musician network, with access to the amazing resources of Platinum Music Complex!

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