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We are proud to host the absolute best guitar lessons in North Richland Hills! We have teachers ready to teach all styles and genres of guitar to absolute beginners, intermediate level players, and professionals looking to keep growing as guitarists.

You may be trying to find a guitar teacher to help you learn how to play some of your favorite songs, or maybe you’re interested in writing your own original songs and would like help with songwriting. You may even be a seasoned guitar player, and you’re looking to take your skills to an even higher level. Regardless of where you are on your musical journey, Platinum Music Complex has an awesome program for you, and teachers that will partner with you to perfect your craft!

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Each Platinum guitar teacher has their own curriculum that they’ve developed with beginner guitar players in mind. We’ve created a great intro-to-guitar program that is flexible to suit the needs and goals of each student. Our instructors aim to help you learn to play guitar the way you want to play, while also sharing their formal and practical knowledge.

If you sign up for guitar lessons as a beginner, here are some of the things you’ll learn:
Notes | Chords | Tuning | Tablature | Amps | Playing Full Songs

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons
If you’re able to play full songs on guitar comfortably, you’re ready to move to some of the more advanced (and fun) parts of playing. The next step can be playing guitar at a live event, recording songs on guitar, or joining a band. Playing guitar in a band is a really fun and effective way of learning guitar. Forming a band with friends at Platinum Music Complex is a great way to step up your guitar game!
One goal for our guitar instructors is to make practice both fun and efficient. We believe that if you practice regularly, you can become skilled very quickly – and the quicker that happens, the more fun you’ll have as you practice. We have strategies to help you achieve this goal, and continue your path to becoming a solid guitarist!

Recording Studio and Concert Hall

Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills is home to an incredible recording studio, as well as a 170 capacity concert hall music venue.  Students enjoy being connected to such a powerhouse musician network, with access to the amazing resources of Platinum Music Complex!

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