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Platinum Music Complex provides voice lessons in North Richland Hills, TX for first time singers, casual performers, experienced singers, and everything in between!

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Maybe you’re looking for singing lessons to help you impress your friends at karaoke. Perhaps you want a vocal coach to help you really dial in your best voice for musical theater. Maybe you want a voice class just to learn to sing along with your favorite music. No matter what your goals are, Platinum Music Complex has an awesome group of voice teachers who can help students of all ages to reach and surpass their singing goals!

Beginner Piano Lessons

Learning to sing is incredibly exciting and nerve-racking.  Our instructors are supportive and friendly while helping students find their singing voice.  Teachers work together with each student to create a customized curriculum that matches his or her goals.   We want you to leave every singing class feeling more like the singer you want to be.
If you start voice lessons as a beginner, some of the things you can expect to learn are:
Vocal warm ups | Matching pitch | Microphone technique | Singing in front of people

Intermediate to Advanced Piano Lessons

It doesn’t have to take a long time to become a great singer. With regular practice, students can achieve their goals quickly. We do everything we can to make practicing a fun and productive activity. Practice really gets fun when you move into intermediate and advanced material.

You’re probably not a beginner anymore if you are able to sing through full songs without stopping or making major mistakes. Once a student is comfortable singing full songs, the next step is performing and singing with other people.

At Platinum Music Complex, we urge students to sign up for events once they feel ready to perform, and we provide multiple opportunities to sing live with other student musicians. Our students find that performing is one of the most rewarding parts of learning to sing.

Recording Studio and Concert Hall

Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills is home to an incredible recording studio, as well as a 170 capacity concert hall music venue.  Students enjoy being connected to such a powerhouse musician network, with access to the amazing resources of Platinum Music Complex!

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