Former City Jail Available For Video Shoots

Fully intact jail, as it was for North Richland Hills Police Department.  Control room and cells available for your music video or film!


4 Hour Minimum

Jail Cells And Control Room in North Richland Hills, TX

Frozen in time, fascinating and creepy!

Jail For Rent Near Dallas, Texas

Welcome to Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills, Texas – home to a unique and fascinating feature that sets us apart from other rental venues in the area: an authentic jail available for hourly rental.

Unlock your creativity! Once a city jail, this unique location offers an edgy and authentic backdrop for your music videos and short films. Infuse your art with the raw energy of history as you utilize the gritty cells, echoing hallways, and imposing architecture. Embrace the contrast between confinement and liberation, adding depth to your storytelling. With flexible rental options and state-of-the-art facilities, this transformed jail provides an unparalleled setting for your artistic endeavors. Dare to reimagine a space that has held secrets, now ready to house your creativity.

A REAL Jail For Rent!

Platinum Music Complex took over the former North Richland Hills City Hall, Library, and Police Station, and preserved the jail as it was when it was in use by the city. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to shoot your music video, short film, interview, or take intriguing photos inside a real jail – complete with multiple cells, interrogation rooms, visitation areas, the police control room, showers, solitary confinement, and more.

Our jail rental provides a one-of-a-kind experience for creatives and filmmakers looking for a unique setting to tell their stories. Whether you’re looking to create a gritty music video, a tense thriller, or a compelling documentary, our jail has everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Flexible Scheduling

Our rental rates are affordable and you can rent the jail for just the time you need – whether that’s the minimum of 4 hours, or several days. We can also provide additional equipment and services to help you make the most of your rental, including lighting, sound equipment, and on-site support staff.

So if you’re looking for a rental venue that’s out of the ordinary, look no further than the Jail inside Platinum Music Complex in North Richland Hills. Contact us today to learn more about the jail and its availability, and start planning your next creative project.

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